My passion is photography and video. Every time I take picture, I want to make sure that picture tells a story. 16 years ago, I discovered photography which I absolutely love. My work has been published all over the world. I have been 16 years in modeling industry which gave me full understanding of being on both sides of camera. I fee very fortunate to be able to teach others what I have learned in all those years… on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

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Zhiyun Smooth Q4 is out!!! Improved design, new features… in depth review is out on my channel…. #zhiyun #zhiyunsmoothq4 #q4 #smartphonegimbal #smartphonestabilizer @zhiyun_tech
Series of photos from camera challenge “framing and composition” which I posted last weekend.  #beachshots #marina #liverpoolbeach #pickeringbeach
Quick snapshots from behind the scenes filming travel b-roll with DJI OM5. Video is up… Liverpool beach is simply super scenic…. #broll #dji @djiglobal #djiom5 #behindthescenes #filmingtutorial
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Video editing…. Is topic of today’s video. I cannot help but share my thoughts on this. Whenever I create a tutorial where I show video editing in Adobe Premiere pro, sometimes some people get mad that I show an expensive software… and when I show tutorial with cheaper software they get mad at me that I don’t show DaVinci Resolve. When I ask if people want tutorial in Da Vinci others get mad because they don’t have computer which can handle this software…, it is a circle where you cannot please everyone. Today’s tutorial is about Wondershare filmora for those who don’t have strong computers and want something easy…. Let’s talk about speed ramping and all audio controls and effects…. Next time I’ll pick another software to please the others 😉👍. #filmora #videoediting #tutorial #videoeditingforbeginners #howtovideoedit

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